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Evaluation of the role of the health care assistant within a community mental health intensive care team.

BACKGROUND: Recent changes in UK legislation concerning community care of mentally ill people have initiated comprehensive changes in the delivery of healthcare. The NHS and Community Care Act (Department of Health 1990) added impetus to the run down of residential facilities and the speed of development of community mental health services. A community mental health intensive care team was established in Essex and employed a high ratio of unqualified to qualified staff. At a time of tension within the Health Service around issues such as skill mix and unemployment among qualified nurses, it was perhaps not unreasonable that the introduction of healthcare assistants might be viewed with suspicion, as a way of diluting the workforce with a less expensive alternative. The importance of evaluating new services is self-evident. OBJECTIVE: The growth of consumerism has led to acknowledgement that mental health service users' views have a role in shaping service provision. An attempt was made to determine the service users' evaluation of the role of the healthcare assistant within a community mental health intensive care team. RESULTS: The use of Kelly's (1955) repertory grid technique and theoretical sampling provided rich descriptions of the role of the healthcare assistant as experienced by service users. Analysis of the healthcare assistant-client relationship demonstrated a client-centred approach was apparent with considerable emphasis placed on the personal qualities of the care provider, supporting Roger's (1961) view that 'healing' comes not so much from the therapists 'techniques', as from their personality. CONCLUSION: It is self-evident that the clients' expressed satisfaction with the care provided by healthcare assistants argues against the professional ideology of nursing, which proposed that nursing may only be given by those with a statutory qualification. A complementary role for healthcare assistants in the provision of mental health care is proposed.[1]


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