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The fluoride content of enamel as a diagnostic aid in fluorosis.

This study was undertaken to compare the fluoride content ([F]) of sound and hypoplastic enamel of dogs' teeth for use as a diagnostic aid for fluorosis. Enamel biopsies (0.5N HClO4; 15 seconds; 3.143 mm2) were conducted on macroscopically sound areas of the middle buccal surfaces of the right upper canine teeth. The [F], and the calcium concentrations of the etching solutions were determined using the potentiometric analytical method and the flame spectrophotometer respectively. Depth of etch (DOE) was calculated. The results of the study showed that the higher [F] in the hypoplastic enamel when compared to that of sound enamel (p > 0.05), was more a result than a cause of the hypoplasia. In this study, the [F] of the enamel was used successfully to exclude the possibility of fluorosis.[1]


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