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A case of combined dental development abnormalities: importance of a thorough examination.

This report describes a case of combined dental development abnormalities. A patient with a previous ectopically erupted supernumerary maxillary canine presented a new ectopically erupted supernumerary premaxillary tooth with dens invaginatus (Oehlers' type 2) and an aberrant coronal morphology, including a pit in the distal portion of the palatal surface. This tooth would have been diagnosed earlier if a panoramic radiograph had been taken at the first visit 5 months before. This case represents a good example of combined dental development abnormalities, i.e., a numerical anomaly (the supernumerary tooth), an alteration of dental position (the ectopic eruption), an alteration of dental morphology (the aberrant coronal shape), and the invagination. This case highlights the importance of a thorough examination, including complementary radiography, of patients with a dental anomaly.[1]


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