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Further studies of elevated cerebrospinal fluid neuronal cell adhesion molecule in schizophrenia.

BACKGROUND: The purposes of the present study were to attempt to replicate a previous finding of increased cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) neuronal cell adhesion molecule (N-CAM) in schizophrenia, and to assess whether the increases could be related to medication, clinical state effects, or brain structural measures. METHODS: CSF N-CAM was measured by the Western blot technique in 45 DSM-III-R diagnosed male schizophrenic patients both on and off haloperidol treatment and in 20 healthy male control subjects. RESULTS: CSF N-CAM was significantly increased in schizophrenic patients, with no overlap in the ranges, when compared to controls. There were no significant effects of medication or exacerbation on CSF N-CAM. No associations with measures of brain structure were found. CONCLUSIONS: Because N-CAM levels were not shown to be different on and off treatment or in exacerbated versus nonexacerbated patients, the higher levels seen in schizophrenic patients may be inherent to the disorder and possibly related to neurodevelopment.[1]


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