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Computer tomography in the diagnosis of cerebellopontine angle tumours.

53 patients clinically suspected of having a cerebellopontine angle (CPA) lesion were examined by computer tomography (CT) with 160 X 160 matrix EMI scanner. 17 cases (32%) had tumour positive CT, of which 12 were neurinomas and 1 meningioma. 1 CT suggestive of a CPA lesion was false positive and 1 unoperated case is probably a false negative CT. Three of the eleven verified neurinomas (27%) were of the medial type originating in the angle cistern. One neurinoma protruding 1 cm into the cistern showed no contrast enhancement. 2 CT scans (3.8%) were unsatisfactory due to movements and the large size of the head. CT is valuable for the investigation of CPA pathology and the diagnostic efficiency compares favourably to other neuroradiological procedures.[1]


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