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Molecular cloning of a light-inducible gene (lipA) encoding a novel pilin from Arthrobacter photogonimos.

Development of pili on cells of Arthrobacter photogonimos is induced by photo-oxidative conditions. The nucleotide sequence was determined of a light-inducible gene (lipA) that encodes the precursor of a light-inducible pilin (designated LIP), a polypeptide of 212 amino acids. The N-terminal leader peptide includes a typical signal sequence with a consensus cleavage site for signal peptidase 1 after residue 28, which should generate N-terminal arginine. However, the next amino acid, alanine, is the N-terminal residue of the mature protein. The abundance of charged amino acids (27% of total), a calculated pI of 9.98, and recovery of mostly monomers when cells were washed with 1 M NaCl suggest that electrostatic interactions play a dominant role in association of LIP, a novel mechanism for assembly of pili.[1]


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