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Interactions among Delta, Serrate and Fringe modulate Notch activity during Drosophila wing development.

The Notch signalling pathway plays an important role during the development of the wing primordium, especially of the wing blade and margin. In these processes, the activity of Notch is controlled by the activity of the dorsal specific nuclear protein Apterous, which regulates the expression of the Notch ligand, Serrate, and the Fringe signalling molecule. The other Notch ligand, Delta, also plays a role in the development and patterning of the wing. It has been proposed that Fringe modulates the ability of Serrate and Delta to signal through Notch and thereby restricts Notch signalling to the dorsoventral boundary of the developing wing blade. Here we report the results of experiments aimed at establishing the relationships between Fringe, Serrate and Delta during wing development. We find that Serrate is not required for the initiation of wing development but rather for the expansion and early patterning of the wing primordium. We provide evidence that, at the onset of wing development, Delta is under the control of apterous and might be the Notch ligand in this process. In addition, we find that Fringe function requires Su(H). Our results suggest that Notch signalling during wing development relies on careful balances between positive and dominant negative interactions between Notch ligands, some of which are mediated by Fringe.[1]


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