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Protective role of gamma interferon during the recall response to influenza virus.

During secondary immune responses to influenza virus, virus-specific T memory cells are a major source of gamma interferon ( IFN-gamma). We assessed the contribution of IFN-gamma to heterologous protection against the A/WSN/33 (H1N1) virus of wild-type and IFN-gamma-/- mice previously immunized with the A/HK/68 (H3N2) virus. The IFN-gamma-/- mice displayed significantly reduced survival rates subsequent to a challenge with various doses of the A/WSN/33 virus. This was associated with an impaired ability of the IFN-gamma-/- mice to completely clear the pulmonary virus by day 7 after the challenge, although significant reduction of the virus titers was noted. However, the IFN-gamma-/- mice developed type A influenza virus cross-reactive cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) similar to the wild-type mice, as demonstrated by both cytotoxicity and a limiting-dilution assay for the estimation of CTL precursor frequency. The pulmonary recruitment of T cells in IFN-gamma-/- mice was not dramatically affected, and the percentage of CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cells was similar to that of wild-type mice. The T cells from IFN-gamma-/- mice did not display a significant switch toward a Th2 profile. Furthermore, the IFN-gamma-/- mice retained the ability to mount significant titers of WSN and HK virus-specific hemagglutination-inhibiting antibodies. Together, these results are consistent with a protective role of IFN-gamma during the heterologous response against influenza virus independently of the generation and local recruitment of cross-reactive CTLs.[1]


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