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Cell cycle-dependent duplication and bidirectional migration of SeqA-associated DNA-protein complexes in E. coli.

Using immunofluorescence microscopy, we have found that SeqA protein, a regulator of replication initiation, is localized as discrete fluorescent foci in E. coli wild-type cells. Surprisingly, SeqA foci were observed also in an oriC deletion mutant. Statistical analysis revealed that a SeqA focus is localized at midcell in newborn cells. The SeqA focus is duplicated and tethered at midcell until an FtsZ ring is formed. Subsequently, these foci migrate in opposite directions toward cell quarter sites and remain tethered there until the cell divides. The cell cycle-dependent bidirectional migration of SeqA-DNA complexes is quite different from the migration pattern of oriC Dna copies. MukB protein is required for correct localization of SeqA complexes by an unknown mechanism.[1]


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