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Radical modulation activity of lignins from a mangrove plant, Ceriops decandra (Griff.) Ding Hou.

The radical modulation activity of hot water and alkaline extracts from leaf of Ceriops decandra, a mangrove plant, was investigated using ESR spectroscopy. IR and NMR analyses demonstrate that the leaf extracts have a lignin-like polyphenolic structure. All these extracts produced radical(s) under alkaline conditions. The radical intensity of sodium ascorbate was slightly reduced at lower concentrations of the extracts, but it was synergistically enhanced at higher concentrations. All the extracts effectively scavenged superoxide anion, produced by hypoxanthine-xanthine oxidase reaction. Pretreatment of mice with the extracts significantly protected them from the lethal infection by E. coli. Similar activity was found in lignins from pine seed shell of Pinus parviflora Sieb. et Zucc. These data further support the medicinal efficacy of plant extracts.[1]


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