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An independent check method of radiotherapy computer plan derived monitor units.

With the increasing complexity of radiotherapy computer treatment planning systems (CTPS), verification of the treatments is an important component of a quality assurance program. The radiation dose delivered to a patient is based on treatment machine monitor units (MUs) that are calculated either using data tables or within the CTPS. An independent method for checking radiotherapy MU calculations is proposed. This method involves calculating the dose at a point (usually ICRU reference point) using the derived MUs and independently measured treatment data and comparing to the dose at the same point as predicted by the CTPS. A program was developed using Microsoft Excel to assist in performing this check. The program contains the beam data and various correction factors and calculates the dose after input of the treatment setup parameters. This independent method is used to check all radiotherapy treatment fields at Liverpool Hospital and has found a number of significant errors in the planning process and in the CTPS calculations.[1]


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