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Disease relevance of Radiotherapy

  • Cisplatin, given daily in combination with the radiotherapy described here to patients with nonmetastatic but inoperable non-small-cell lung cancer, improved rates of survival and control of local disease at the price of substantial side effects [1].
  • Complete sequencing of the p53 gene provides prognostic information in breast cancer patients, particularly in relation to adjuvant systemic therapy and radiotherapy [2].
  • Prior thoracic radiotherapy appeared to predispose to bleomycin pulmonary toxicity, as this complication developed in five of 12 patients receiving prior chest radiotherapy vs four of 89 not receiving radiotherapy (p less than .001) [3].
  • BACKGROUND: Chemotherapy, with or without radiotherapy, results in a 30%-40% complete response rate in small-cell lung cancer (SCLC), but approximately 90% of patients who have complete remission die within 2 years after relapse with chemoresistant disease [4].
  • Local control of a mammary carcinoma in air-breathing C3H mice was enhanced by giving metronidazole before radiotherapy; When 0.5-1.0 mg metronidazole/g body weight was given ip 10 minutes before irradiation, the dose required for local control of 50% of the tumors (TCD50) was reduced by a factor of 1.37-1.38 [5].

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Gene context of Radiotherapy

  • These results also encourage further development of EGFR targeting combined with fractionated radiotherapy in HNSCC [35].
  • Of those patients subsequently treated with radiation, VEGF levels at presentation between patients with no evidence of disease (NED) after radiation and those who had persistent or recurrent disease after radiotherapy were also different (P =.039) [36].
  • Thus, COX-2 inhibitors have a high potential for increasing the therapeutic ratio of radiotherapy [37].
  • However, in a recent randomized, placebo-controlled trial involving patients receiving curative radiotherapy for squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck, erythropoietin treatment was associated with poorer locoregional progression-free survival [38].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Expression levels of both APE1 and XRCC1 proteins were strongly associated with patient outcome following radiotherapy, separating patients with good outcome from the 50% with poor outcome (82% and 44%, 3-year cause-specific survival, respectively) [39].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Radiotherapy


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