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Gene Review

CTPS1  -  CTP synthase 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CTP synthetase 1, CTPS, IMD24, UTP--ammonia ligase 1
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Disease relevance of CTPS

  • The MOMP DNA vaccine but not the CTP synthetase DNA vaccine generated significant delayed-type hypersensitivity and serum antibodies to MoPn elementary bodies and reduced the peak growth of MoPn by >100-fold following lung challenge infection [1].
  • Thiourea dioxide was used in chemical modification studies to identify functionally important amino acids in Escherichia coli CTP synthetase [2].
  • Retinoic acid likely confers resistance of neuroblastoma cells to CPEC in part by slowing down proliferation, and in part by shifting the synthesis of CTP towards the salvage of cytidine, thereby bypassing CTP synthetase [3].
  • Therefore, the high activity of CTP synthetase in acute non-lymphocytic leukaemic cells can be inhibited by CPEC, which provides a key to a new approach for the treatment of ANLL [4].
  • (1) Acivicin competitively inhibited the activities of amidophosphoribosyl-transferase, CTP synthetase and carbamoyl-phosphate synthetase II from extracts of liver and hepatoma 3924A [5].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CTPS

  • With the increasing complexity of radiotherapy computer treatment planning systems (CTPS), verification of the treatments is an important component of a quality assurance program [24].
  • Northern blot analyses of polyadenylated RNA from the resistant and sensitive cells indicated a 3-fold increase in transcripts of the CTP synthase gene in the resistant line [20].
  • Cyclopentenyl cytosine (CPEC) is a carbocyclic cytidine analog inhibitor of CTP synthetase and experimental drug for combination chemotherapy [25].
  • The coding region of G. intestinalis CTP synthetase was generated by PCR and subsequently cloned into the pQE30 vector for expression in E. coli [26].
  • The degree of CTP depletion of ALL cells after treatment with CPEC was positively correlated with the activity of CTP synthetase [27].


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