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Complete nucleotide sequence and analysis of the putative polyprotein of maize dwarf mosaic virus genomic RNA (Bulgarian isolate).

The complete nucleotide sequence of maize dwarf mosaic virus Bulgarian isolate (MDMV-Bg) was determined. The viral genome was 9515 nt and contained an open reading frame encoding 3042 amino acids, flanked by 3'- and 5'-UTRs of 139 and 250 nucleotides, respectively. MDMV-Bg was more conserved in the coding region (52.9%) than in the UTRs (45.8%) when compared to the 15 other potyviruses. Of ten putative gene products of MDMV-Bg, the P1 was the most variable protein (24.9%) while the NIb was the most conserved protein (67.3%). Several sequence variations were observed between MDMV-Bg and Johnson grass mosaic virus (JGMV), and more between MDMV-Bg and the dicot potyviruses. Phylogenetic analysis suggested that MDMV-Bg was the most closely related to JGMV.[1]


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