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Oral immunization with enterocoated microbeads induces antigen-specific cytolytic T-cell responses.

A cytolytic T-lymphocyte (CTL) response has been generated to a protein antigen via oral administration in an experimental murine system. This was achieved by the formulation of the test antigen ovalbumin ( OVA) in a pH-sensitive microsphere particle (microbead) with an acrylic-based coating to avoid its degradation by gastric enzymes. Comparative studies of orally administered enterocoated microbead- OVA particles, versus the more traditional formulation of OVA in adjuvant (DETOX-PC) given subcutaneously as immunogen, were conducted; both elicited comparable responses in the generation of antigen-specific lymphoproliferative and CTL responses. CTL lines generated via oral administration of antigen were shown to be CD3(+), CD4(-), and CD8(+). CTL lysis of OVA peptide-pulsed targets was shown to be inhibited by anti-CD8 antibody. Whereas oral administration of pH-sensitive enterocoated microbeads containing proteins has previously been shown to elicit antibody and lymphoproliferative T-cell responses to protein antigens, this is the first demonstration of the generation of an antigen-specific cytolytic T-cell response via oral administration of a protein immunogen formulated in such microbeads.[1]


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