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Can line clinicians master the conceptual complexities of dialectical behavior therapy? An evaluation of a State Department of Mental Health training program.

Dialectical behavior therapy for borderline personality disorder has rapidly attained wide-spread popularity, with one indication being the development of training initiatives by the Department of Mental Health within at least two States in USA. Efficacy data published by the originator of the treatment, Marsha Linehan, and her colleagues, probably accounts at least in part for this popularity. However, the complexity of DBT raises a fundamental question regarding these broader applications: can clinicians of diverse backgrounds acquire a shared and sophisticated understanding of the treatment theory? The clinical utility of a treatment rests heavily upon ease of dissemination ( APA, Template for developing guidelines: Interventions for mental disorders and psychosocial aspects of physical disorders. Washington, DC: Author, 1995), and in that regard DBT--a complicated, multifaceted approach--could appear vulnerable. This vulnerability is heightened when institutional adoption involves the collaboration of numerous clinicians, who, despite occupying diverse roles, must nevertheless develop a shared understanding of the treatment. Using a detailed examination of DBT knowledge, we evaluated the conceptual mastery of 109 clinicians trained via a State Department of Mental Health initiative. Performance on the examination correlated specifically with DBT training. Prior education or background in behavior therapy accounted for little variance, indicating that clinicians occupying diverse roles acquired reasonable intellectual mastery over this complex model.[1]


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