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Grief, depression, and coping in women undergoing infertility treatment.

OBJECTIVE: To identify the levels of grief and depression and the coping mechanisms of women with infertility problems who participated in in vitro fertilization ( IVF) or ovulation-induction medication. METHODS: Pretest and post-test data were obtained from 50 IVF and 50 ovulation-induction medication patients receiving treatment at two urban infertility centers. RESULTS: Both groups of women experienced measurable levels of grief and depression before, during, and after treatment. Higher scores on the Grief Experience Inventory were found for both groups of women when pregnancy did not occur. Age, reproductive problems, years infertile, financial impact, and number of past IVF cycles were not found to influence the reported grief or depression levels. Women in the IVF and ovulation-induction medication groups used isolation coping behaviors such as self-talk and sleep. CONCLUSION: Because of moderate to high levels of grief and depression, therapeutic counseling may be more effective if initiated before the infertility treatment. Women's present levels of distress and coping strategies should be assessed prior to initiating infertility treatment to provide the patients with opportunities to learn and practice new adaptive behaviors that could enhance their ability to cope with infertility and the associated medical procedures.[1]


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