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Long cotton wool rolls as compression enhancers in macrosclerotherapy for varicose veins.

BACKGROUND: Macrosclerotherapy in combination with compression has proven to be safe and effective in the treatment of varicose veins. Local compression is increased by pads, according to Laplace law. Firm rolls of cotton wool are fixed over the course of the entire vein to increase local compression and to reduce complications. Additional compression is given by a combination of a class I (daytime and nighttime) and class II (daytime only) medical compression hosiery. PURPOSE: To evaluate the effectiveness and side effects of sclerocompression therapy with cotton wool rolls in combination with medical compression hosiery. METHOD: Prospective study with 100 patients (120 legs) with primary varicose veins, which are treated with polidocanol as sclerosant with the empty vein technique. Immediately after the injection, a long cotton wool roll is placed over the entire vein and fixed. Additional compression is obtained with class I and class II medical compression hosiery. The interface pressure on the skin, just under the cotton wool roll, is measured on 12 legs with the aid of an interface pressure measuring instrument (Oxford Pressure Monitor). RESULTS: Good sclerosing results are obtained in all patients. Side effects are classified as early and late. In 16 patients, minor side effects which needed no treatment are observed. In only 3 cases (2.5%), intravascular blood clots (2) and phlebitis (1) needed incision and expression. The mean interface pressure of all measuring sensors under the cotton wool roll is 84 mm/Hg (68 to 122 mm/Hg). CONCLUSION: This study proves the high effectiveness of a cotton wool roll compression right at the place of treatment. By using these long cotton wool compression rolls, the compression part of sclerocompression therapy becomes more effective and much easier to perform.[1]


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