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Asclera     2-[2-[2-[2-[2-[2-[2-[2-(2...

Synonyms: POELE, laureth-9, AC1LCVC1, AG-F-00801, CHEMBL1231723, ...
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  • Sclerotherapy was performed weekly with 1% polidocanol, and variceal obliteration was obtained in 83% of cases, in a mean number of four sessions [35].
  • Pleurodesis with polidocanol in pigs. An experimental study [22].
  • After 8 months, when the control group had also received active treatment with polidocanol, they had a greater improvement in Victorian Institute of Sport Assessment score (58-79) than did the treatment group (54-70; group by time interaction, P = .022; time effect, P < .0001) [28].
  • IEIS was performed during emergency fiberoptic endoscopy applying 5-40 1-ml injections of 0.5% polidocanol by the paravariceal, "free" injection technique [36].
  • Polidocanol has been widely used but local complications have been reported after treatment [37].


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