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Chemical Compound Review

Perazyl     1-[(4-chlorophenyl)-phenyl- methyl]-4...

Synonyms: Trihistan, Alergicide, Diparalene, Histantine, Piparalene, ...
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  • There was a time-dependent increase in the recovery of alveolar macrophages (AMs) from the lungs of the CZ-treated rats as well as in the phospholipid content of the cells [13].
  • Employing [3H]palmitate-labeled surfactant, it was shown that cells incubated with chlorocyclizine surfactant incorporated 46.2-73.0 nmol of fatty acids per mg protein and were transformed into foam cells [14].
  • Chlorcyclizine-induced glycosaminoglycan alterations resulted in quantifiable, region-specific differences in mesenchymal cell relationships to the basal lamina and in the ultrastructural appearance of the zone immediately subjacent to the basal lamina [12].

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