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Gene Review

JPH2  -  junctophilin 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CMH17, JP-2, JP2, Junctophilin type 2, Junctophilin-2
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Disease relevance of JPH2


High impact information on JPH2

  • Joining segment usage was as follows: J1 or J2 (32/50), JP1 or JP2 (17/50), and JP (1/50) [5].
  • First, the leukotoxin promoter regions from moderately leukotoxic (Y4) and minimally leukotoxic (ATCC 33384) strains of A. actinomycetemcomitans were cloned, sequenced, and compared with the previously sequences leukotoxin promoter region of the high-producer strain JP2 [6].
  • The results indicated that the sequences responsible for down-regulating leukotoxin RNA levels in Y4 relative to JP2 are found within the transcribed region of the Y4 leukotoxin operon [6].
  • Each plasmid was transformed into JP2, Y4, and ATCC 33384, and the beta-galactosidase levels were determined [6].
  • The nucleotide sequence of the 652 promoter is similar to that of the JP2 promoter but contains a region of 530 bp that is not present in JP2 [7].

Biological context of JPH2

  • In most clones, rearrangements occurred on both chromosomes and involved the J2 segment, but only 2 and 4 out of the 49 described rearrangements involved the additional J gamma segments JP1 and JP2, respectively [8].
  • The Y4 and ATCC 33384 promoter regions each contain a 528-bp segment that is absent from JP2 [6].
  • However, in all three strains belonging to the JP2 clone and in one serotype e strain hgpA was a pseudogene [2].
  • The JP2-like PCR amplification pattern, associated with highly leukotoxic strains, was exclusive to human isolates and present in 29% of human isolates where it occurred in close relationship with AP genotypes L and J (cluster 3) [9].
  • A. actinomycetemcomitans, strain JP2, was examined for its ability to modulate hBD-2 and -3 gene expression in normal human oral epithelial cells (NHOECs) and in OKF6/Tert cells, an immortalized cell line derived from human oral epithelial cells [10].

Anatomical context of JPH2

  • Rearrangements to the JP1, JP and JP2 segments in the human T-cell rearranging gamma gene (TRG gamma) locus [11].

Associations of JPH2 with chemical compounds

  • The lag time of disintegration of the tablet (TOTL-Tab) coated 5-7 mg/tab with TO, TL and EC was about 10 min and all of the tablets disintegrated completely within 30 min in JP-2-GL [12].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of JPH2

  • We show by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis that NJ4500 LtxA is more highly modified than JP2 LtxA, suggesting that the difference in activities could be due to differential modification [13].
  • Fifteen (38.5%) were culture-positive for A. actinomycetemcomitans of the JP2-type as determined by PCR, and 24 (61.5%) were not (mean age 16.5 years in both groups) [3].


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