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Chemical Compound Review

gallium(3+)     gallium(+3) cation

Synonyms: gallium-67(3+), AGN-PC-0052G4, Gallium cation, Ga(3+), AC1L2Y4H, ...
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High impact information on Gallium (III) ion

  • A highly sensitive and selective capillary zone electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection (CZE-LIF) for Al(3+) and Ga(3+) was developed using a calcein 4',5'-isomer as a pre-capillary complexing agent [1].
  • This paper focuses on the hydrolysis of Ni(2+) and Ga(3+) ions, together in solution, carried out by base addition [2].
  • The presence of trivalent metal ions Cr(3+), Ga(3+), Fe(3+) and Al(3+) was found to quench the resulting chemiluminescence dramatically [3].

Biological context of Gallium (III) ion

  • The samples will be defined by their hydrolysis ratio R = [OH(-)]/([Ni(2+)] + [Ga(3+)]) [2].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gallium (III) ion

  • In contrast, the replacement by Ga(3+) yielded a much more disordered local environment of the probe atom in all investigated cell culture samples [4].
  • Spectrophotometric titrations in the UV region revealed that L is able to bind Ga(3+) also at high H(+) concentration [5].


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