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Chemical Compound Review

CHEMBL368456     8-chloro-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)- 4-prop-2-enyl...

Synonyms: AG-H-09532, SureCN11273914, CHEBI:389208, AC1Q3LHF, CTK2H7268, ...
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Disease relevance of Skf 85174

  • SK&F 85174 produced hypotension and caused significant impairment of positive chronotropic responses elicited during pre- and postganglionic stellate stimulation [1].
  • R-sulpiride (DA-1 receptor antagonist) failed to antagonize SK&F 85174-induced inhibition of tachycardia elicited during preganglionic stellate stimulation [1].

High impact information on Skf 85174

  • We have performed experiments to determine the effects of SK&F 85174, a mixed DA-1/DA-2 receptor agonist, on the tachycardia elicited during pre- and postganglionic stellate stimulation in anesthetized dogs in order to identify a possible action of this compound on the stellate ganglia [1].
  • 2 SK&F 85174 decreased blood pressure in a dose-related manner [2].

Chemical compound and disease context of Skf 85174

  • 3 The DA2-receptor antagonist, domperidone (25 micrograms/kg), did not significantly alter the hypotension produced by lower doses of SK&F 85174, but antagonized the hypotensive action of the highest dose of SK&F 85174 by about 35% [2].


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