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Disease relevance of Hypotension


Psychiatry related information on Hypotension


High impact information on Hypotension

  • The rates of respiratory or circulatory complications (indicated by bag valve-mask ventilation or an attempt at intubation, hypotension, or cardiac dysrhythmia) after the study treatment was administered were 10.6 percent for the lorazepam group, 10.3 percent for the diazepam group, and 22.5 percent for the placebo group (P=0.08) [11].
  • Hypotension occurred in the clinic in 3.3 percent of men receiving alprostadil [12].
  • Thus, there exist both iNOS-dependent and iNOS-independent routes to LPS-induced hypotension and death [13].
  • Enhancement by an ACE inhibitor of first-dose hypotension caused by an alpha 1-blocker [14].
  • In comparison to the patients with normal renal function, those with renal failure were more often admitted with profound hypotension (46 vs. 4 percent; P less than 0.001), hyperpyrexia (69 vs. 15 percent; P less than 0.001), and markedly elevated serum creatine kinase levels (mean, 28,084 vs. 7931 U per liter; P less than 0.01) [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Hypotension


Biological context of Hypotension


Anatomical context of Hypotension


Gene context of Hypotension

  • Thus, absence of NEP may predispose development of inflammation and hypotension [30].
  • Substance P (SP) and bradykinin (BK) mediate extravasation and cause hypotension [30].
  • However, the clinical utility of TNF has been limited by generalized toxicity and hypotension [31].
  • High concentrations of EPO occurred in patients experiencing significant hypotension despite routine transfusions for hematocrit < 42% [32].
  • Selective inhibition of VEGF signaling has been demonstrated in vivo in a growth factor-induced hypotension model in anesthetized rat: administration of ZD6474 (2.5 mg/kg, i.v.) reversed a hypotensive change induced by VEGF (by 63%) but did not significantly affect that induced by basic fibroblast growth factor [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hypotension


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