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Stellate Ganglion

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Disease relevance of Stellate Ganglion


Psychiatry related information on Stellate Ganglion

  • Fifty-six patients, treated with a series of anesthetizing blocks of the stellate ganglion for idiopathic sudden sensorineural loss, were compared with 20 patients of similar diagnosis who were treated by other means as to amount of pure-tone gain, speech discrimination improvement, nature of symptoms, and delay in start of surgery [6].

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Chemical compound and disease context of Stellate Ganglion


Biological context of Stellate Ganglion


Anatomical context of Stellate Ganglion


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Gene context of Stellate Ganglion

  • Furthermore, cardiac-specific overexpression of NGF in endothelin-1-deficient mice overcame the reduced sympathetic innervation and loss of stellate ganglia neurons [7].
  • In the mouse stellate ganglion, VIP- and ChAT-IR neurons were larger in comparison to NPY- and TH-IR cells [30].
  • The aim of this study was to quantify basal and stress-induced levels of TH, DBH, and PNMT mRNAs in rat adrenal medulla (AM) and stellate ganglia (SG) by the RT-competitive PCR method using corresponding competitors of known concentration [31].
  • To better understand how the signaling events by Noc regulate sympathetic neuron excitability, the goal of the present study was to determine whether sympathetic stellate ganglion (SG) neurons, innervating the heart, natively express ORL1 opioid receptors and couple to Ca(2+) channels [23].
  • Neurons in the sympathetic stellate ganglion containing neuropeptide Y and tyrosine hydroxylase also projected to the mammary gland [32].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Stellate Ganglion


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