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Chemical Compound Review


Synonyms: Cortrophin, corticotropin, Corticotrofina, CHEBI:3892, LS-187380, ...
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Disease relevance of ACTH


Associations of ACTH with other chemical compounds

  • Monkeys with smaller hippocampal volumes also responded with diminished sensitivity to glucocorticoid feedback determined by greater postrestraint ACTH levels after pretreatment with hydrocortisone (beta = -.68, p = .010) [2].
  • Intravenous administration of ACTH dramatically increased plasma levels of corticosterone within 1 h and increased the percentage of pituitary somatotrophs within 24 h [3].
  • The sensitivity and specificity for this test were not statistically different from the sensitivity and specificity of other tests, such as those measuring post-CRH stimulated ACTH levels or post-CRH cortisol levels at other time points [4].
  • The cells expressed mRNA for ACTH receptor (MC2R) and Ang II receptor [5].
  • Together, our results show that in neonatal periods, AVP is crucial for the expression of ACTH stress responses, but neither AVP nor ACTH is necessary for the induction of corticosterone stress responses [6].


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