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Cortisol     (8R,9R,10R,11S,13S,14S,17R)- 11,17...

Synonyms: Acticort, Aquacort, Cetacort, Colocort, Cortanal, ...
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  • The effect of DSCG was not specific for CD40-mediated induction of IgE isotype switching because DSCG inhibited IgE synthesis as well as S mu-->S epsilon deletional switch recombination induced by hydrocortisone and IL-4 in B cells [44].
  • In patients receiving daily glucocorticoid therapy (greater than 15 mg prednisolone or an equivalent daily dose), the plasma ACTH and cortisol responses to hCRF-LVP were suppressed 2 wk to 1 mo after the beginning of glucocorticoid administration but partially improved at 2-10 mo, and was markedly suppressed several years later [45].
  • In conclusion, 11 beta-HSD2 activity is reduced in cholestasis, which results in MR activation by cortisol [46].
  • Placenta and endometrium carry out steroidogenic biotransformation reactions such as 6-beta-hydroxylation of cortisol, a reaction characteristic of the dominant family of cytochromes P450 in human liver, CYP3A [47].
  • The best evidence for this is from studies on IgE synthesis by IL-4-plus hydrocortisone-stimulated umbilical cord blood lymphocytes, which do not produce detectable amounts of IFN-gamma [48].
  • Although cortisol blunted the amplitude of GnRH-induced LH pulses within 1-2 h, the amount of GnRH receptor mRNA or protein was not affected over this time frame [49].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Topicort


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