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Chemical Compound Review

Methyl radical     $l^{3}-carbane

Synonyms: CHEBI:29309, CHEBI:29430, CH(.), AC1MHY9J, CH3(.), ...
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Disease relevance of Methyl

  • In addition, the in vitro observations presented here and a closer examination of the clinical evidence raise the possibility that MTT-containing antibiotic-induced hypoprothrombinemia may not be a vitamin K reversible phenomenon [1].

High impact information on Methyl

  • A preincubation of MTT with the microsomes decreased the lag time and increased the extent of inhibition [1].
  • Lysine methylation occurs in three distinct states, having either one (me1), two (me2) or three (me3) methyl groups attached to the amine group of the lysine side chain [2].

Chemical compound and disease context of Methyl


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