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Chemical Compound Review

TMEA     ethyl-trimethyl-azanium

Synonyms: Tmea chloride, CHEMBL104897, AG-E-00514, CHEBI:271685, AC1L1QPO, ...
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High impact information on ethyl-trimethyl-ammonium

  • For three of the 38 residues (I328C, N333C, T336C), currents evoked by ATP were inhibited by extracellular application of methanethiosulfonates of either charge (ethyltrimethylammonium, ethylsulfonate) suggesting that they lie in the outer vestibule of the pore [1].
  • In the present work, we compare the abilities of DAT inhibitors and substrates to affect the reaction of Cys-90, Cys-135, and Cys-342 with MTS ethyltrimethylammonium (MTSET) [2].
  • Extracts of the skin of some amphibians from Australia and Papua New Guinea contained, in addition to the usual 5-hydroxyindolealkylamines and histamine: a. two new, hitherto unknown indolealkylamines, i.e. O-sulphate of bufotenidine and 2-(3-indolyl) ethyltrimethylammonium, a quaternary ammonium base of tryptamine [3].


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