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Chemical Compound Review

AMIPROPHOS     N-[ethoxy-(4-methyl-2-nitro...

Synonyms: BAY-NTN 5006, SureCN725746, CHEMBL1835178, NTN 5006, LS-107429, ...
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High impact information on AMIPROPHOS

  • Selective inhibition of tubulin synthesis by amiprophos methyl during flagellar regeneration in Chlamydomonas reinhardi [1].
  • This pattern of altered sensitivity to different microtubule inhibitors was found to cosegregate and corevert with the beta-tubulin mutations providing the first genetic evidence that the in vivo herbicidal effects of the dinitroanilines, amiprophos methyl, and pronamide are related to microtubule function [2].
  • Further experiments with synchronous cultures prepared by size selection showed that different drugs possessed different transition points; for example, carbendazim and thiabendazole were effective in blocking a late stage of the cell cycle just prior to division, whereas amiprophos methyl affected a very early stage [3].

Biological context of AMIPROPHOS

  • The effect of colchicine on bouquet formation appeared to be separable from its effect on cytoplasmic microtubules; amiprophos methyl, a highly effective plant microtubule-depolymerizing drug, did not affect telomere clustering [4].


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