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Chemical Compound Review

Asmanex     [ (8S,9S,10S,11S,13S,14S,16R,17R )-9-chloro...

Synonyms: Danitin, Elocone, Flumeta, Nasonex, Nosorex, ...
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High impact information on D00690

  • There was also no suppression in terms of osteocalcin (placebo, 1.27 nmolL; budesonide, 1.22 nmol/L; MF, 1.33 nmol/L; and TAA, 1.24 nmol/L) and blood eosinophil count (placebo, 0.29 x 10(9)/L; budesonide, 0.27 x 10(9)/L; MF, 0.25 x 10(9)/L; and TAA, 0.24 x 10(9)/L) [1].
  • CONCLUSION: Neither budesonide, MF, nor TAA produced significant systemic suppression of adrenal, bone, or white blood cell markers at the doses studied [1].
  • METHODS: Twenty patients with allergic rhinitis, mean age (SE) 35.7 (3.5) years were studied in a single-blind, randomized, 4-way crossover design, with treatments separated by 7-day washout periods, comparing placebo with budesonide 200 micro(g) once daily, MF 200 micro(g) once daily, and TAA 220 micro(g) once daily [1].


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