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Chemical Compound Review

DRib     (2R,3R,4S)-2- (hydroxymethyl)pyrrolidine- 3...

Synonyms: IMINORIBITOL, CHEMBL261634, SureCN1223493, CHEBI:532207, AC1L9JBR, ...
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High impact information on IMINORIBITOL

  • An inhibitor with a protonated 1,4-dideoxy-1,4-imino-D-ribitol moiety, a 4-azasugar mimic, at the depurination site in the tetraloop of a 14mer oligonucleotide with a 5 bp duplex stem structure had previously been shown to bind to RTA with a K(d) of 480 nM, which improved to 12 nM upon addition of adenine [1].
  • The structure of TB-PNP was also solved to 2.0 A with 9-deazahypoxanthine (9dHX), iminoribitol (IR), and PO(4) to reconstruct the ImmH complex with its separate components [2].
  • Binding of these inhibitors to nonspecific nucleoside hydrolase occurs primarily via interaction with the iminoribitol, a ribooxocarbenium ion analogue of the transition state [3].

Associations of IMINORIBITOL with other chemical compounds


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