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Chemical Compound Review

Calendic acid     (8E,10E,12Z)-octadeca- 8,10,12-trienoic acid

Synonyms: LMFA01030144, AC1NR0VK, C18:3n-6,8,10, 5204-87-5, alpha-calendic acid, ...
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High impact information on LMFA01030144

  • Here, we report a class of FAD2-related enzymes that modifies a Delta(9)-double bond to produce the conjugated trans-Delta(8),trans-Delta(10)-double bonds found in calendic acid (18:3Delta(8trans,10trans,12cis)), the major component of the seed oil of Calendula officinalis [1].
  • Calendic acid significantly decreased body fat content in males [2].
  • The mechanism by which the fatty acid (1,4)-desaturase of Calendula officinalis produces calendic acid from linoleic acid has been probed through the use of kinetic isotope effect (KIE) measurements [3].


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