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Chemical Compound Review

Aminoquinol     N'-[7-chloro-2-[(E)-2-(2...

Synonyms: Aminoquinolum, GNF-Pf-2659, AC1NWMN2, CHEMBL578004, SureCN1612755, ...
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Disease relevance of Aminoquinol

  • To further explore this issue, we measured the intramolecular electron transfer rate for the Cu(II) aminoquinol left arrow over right arrow Cu(I) semiquinone equilibrium in Arthrobacter globiformis amine oxidase (AGAO) by temperature-jump relaxation techniques [1].

High impact information on Aminoquinol

  • These data suggest that differences in the active-site mediated electrostatic environments of the aminoquinol N in the respective enzymes may influence both the observed 15N chemical shift and the relative reactivities of the TTQ aminoquinols towards oxygen [2].


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