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Chemical Compound Review

PERTHANE     1-[2,2-dichloro-1-(4- ethylphenyl)ethyl]-4...

Synonyms: Ethylan, Perthan, p,p'-Ethyl-ddd, PS73_SUPELCO, CCRIS 292, ...
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Disease relevance of Ethylan

  • Two DDT derivatives, Ethylan and DDD, were additionally associated with pancreatic cancer (RR = 5.0 and 4.3, respectively); exposures to these two chemicals were correlated, and it was not possible to determine whether each acted independently of the other [1].

High impact information on Ethylan

  • Smoking was identified as an independent risk factor, but controlling for smoking (and other potential confounders) in the analyses did not appreciably alter the risks seen for DDT, DDD, or Ethylan [1].
  • The ethylan surfactants (GE08, CD127, and CPG660) had a higher potential than Triton X-100 and Brij35 for releasing the pesticides [2].


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