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Chemical Compound Review

Fungiqual     disodium5-[[4-(bis(2- hydroxyethyl)amino)...

Synonyms: Heliofor P, Mikephor BN, Tinopal 2B, Whitex BB, Kayaphor BSN, ...
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Disease relevance of EINECS 225-880-5


High impact information on EINECS 225-880-5

  • Fungi are detected after exposure to a fluorescent stain (Fungiqual; CIBA-GEIGY Corp., Summit, N.J.) by using a fluorescence particle concentration analyzer [2].
  • METHODS: We compared the Fungifluor, Calcofluor White, and Fungiqual A fluorochrome stains for identifying Enterocytozoon bieneusi and Septata intestinalis spores in stool, intestinal fluid, biopsy imprints, and paraffin biopsy sections [3].


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