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Disease relevance of Mycoses


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Chemical compound and disease context of Mycoses


Biological context of Mycoses


Anatomical context of Mycoses


Gene context of Mycoses

  • This case should alert clinicians to the increased incidence of pulmonary mycoses in patients receiving anti-TNF-alpha therapy [23].
  • At the same dilution, no reaction was detected with sera from normal individuals and from patients with other mycoses [24].
  • For these reasons AME has been porposed as an alternative to amphotericin B in the therapy of deep mycoses [25].
  • However, only 2.8% (3 of 109) of the serum samples from patients with other mycoses and nonmycotic infections showed IgM adsorption to the 120-kDa TP-Ag as detected by the ELISA, while 21.1% (23 of 109) showed IgM adsorption to the 110-kDa TP-Ag [26].
  • This study provides preliminary evidence that ABCD is effective in treating invasive mycoses and lacks the dose-limiting nephrotoxicity of CAB [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Mycoses


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