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Chemical Compound Review

O3303_ALDRICH     octane-1,8-diol

Synonyms: AC-662, AG-G-32160, ACMC-209nan, CHEBI:44630, ANW-34461, ...
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High impact information on C14218

  • 51Cr-labeled red blood cells, 125I-labeled albumin, and 14C-labeled 1,8-octanediol were injected with labeled 5-HT at rest and at two increasing levels of exercise (lower and higher in 9 dogs) [1].
  • Further, our biotransformation system showed alpha,omega-diterminal oxidation activity of n-alkanes, and a large amount of 1,8-octanediol (722 mg per liter) was produced from 1-octanol after 24 h of incubation [2].


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