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Chemical Compound Review

AG-F-02356     tributyl-methyl-azanium iodide

Synonyms: NSC-136982, CTK4G6043, NSC136982, AR-1K1842, FT-0634652, ...
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High impact information on tributyl-methyl-azanium

  • Neither phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate nor vasopressin (at concentrations ranging from 10(-9) to 10(-6) mol/L) affected the initial uptake velocity of tri-n-butylmethylammonium in isolated hepatocytes and isolated perfused livers, whereas staurosporin (1 mumol/L) showed only a modest inhibition of the uptake of the cation [1].
  • The vectorial transport of tri-n-butylmethylammonium in the apical direction in the P-gp (over)expressing cells could be inhibited by vinblastine [2].
  • The effects of several metabolic inhibitors on the uptake of tri-n-butylmethylammonium (TBuMA) were studied in isolated rat liver mitochondria, isolated rat hepatocytes and isolated perfused rat livers, in order to characterize further the mechanisms for carrier-mediated uptake and cellular accumulation of organic cations in the liver [3].
  • Treatment of the isolated mitochondria with various metabolic inhibitors decreased the membrane potential in parallel to the effects on the uptake of TBuMA [3].

Anatomical context of tributyl-methyl-azanium

  • To investigate whether hepatobiliary transport of organic cations is under regulatory control, we studied transport of tri-n-butylmethylammonium in the isolated perfused rat liver and in isolated rat hepatocytes [1].


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