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Mitochondria, Liver

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  • Using Western analysis and immunogold labeling, A-RAF was selectively localized in highly purified rat liver mitochondria [32].
  • MAO A-3C9 appears to have a lower affinity for purified MAO A than the other three antibodies and does not immunoprecipitate either MAO A or MAO B from human platelets or from Triton X-100 extracts of human placental and liver mitochondria [33].
  • Given published evidence that NF kappaB is antiapoptotic and that UCP-2 may decrease mitochondrial oxidant production in some cells, these results suggest that TNF-dependent increases in oxidant production by liver mitochondria promote the induction of antioxidant defenses in the regenerating liver [34].
  • However, the level of total glutathione was 30% less in liver mitochondria of the Sod2(-/+) mice [35].
  • Moreover, the liver mitochondria were found to release markedly increased hydrogen peroxide, a Gpx1 substrate, and have decreased mitochondrial respiratory control ratio and power output index [36].

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