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Gene Review

kpsS  -  KpsS protein

Escherichia coli CFT073

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Disease relevance of kpsS

  • The putative RkpG protein shares similarity with acyltransferases, RkpH is homologous to short-chain alcohol dehydrogenases, and RkpJ shows significant sequence identity with bacterial polysaccharide transport proteins, such as KpsS of E. coli [1].

High impact information on kpsS

  • The gene products of Bl21(DE3) kpsC and kpsS supported in vitro de novo synthesis of K1 polysaccharide when co-expressed with K1 NeuE and NeuS [2].
  • The KfiA and KfiC, together with the KpsC, KpsS and KpsT proteins, were purified and polyclonal antisera to each protein generated [3].
  • The KpsC, KpsS, and KpsT proteins involved in polysaccharide transport were associated with the inner membrane and this membrane association occurred in the absence of any other capsule-related proteins [3].

Anatomical context of kpsS

  • Osmotic shock caused the release of KfiA, KfiC, KpsC and KpsS from the inner membrane into the periplasm, suggesting that the polysaccharide biosynthetic complex may be associated with sites of adhesion between the inner and outer membrane [3].


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