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Gene Review

PGRMC2  -  progesterone receptor membrane component 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DG6, Membrane-associated progesterone receptor component 2, PMBP, Progesterone membrane-binding protein, Steroid receptor protein DG6
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Disease relevance of PGRMC2

  • Nodal metastasis was associated with high frequencies of copy number loss in genes PGRMC2 and LAMA3 and amplification in CDK6 and NCOA3(AIB1) [1].

High impact information on PGRMC2

  • In this context, a putative progesterone membrane binding protein (mPR) has been identified, recently [2].
  • Localization of a putative progesterone membrane binding protein in porcine hepatocytes [3].
  • To investigate the different phosphorescent promoting effects of organic emitters by various metal centers, a new ligand, 4,4'-diphenyl-6,6'-dimethyl-2,2'-bipyrimidine (pmbp), and its Zn(II), Hg(II), and Pt(II) complexes, [Zn(pmbp)(2)](ClO(4))(2)(1), Pt(pmbp)Ph(2)(2), Zn(pmbp)Cl(2)(3), and Hg(pmbp)Cl(2)(4) were synthesized [4].

Associations of PGRMC2 with chemical compounds


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