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Gene Review

LAMA3  -  laminin, alpha 3

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: BM600, BM600-150kDa, E170, Epiligrin 170 kDa subunit, Epiligrin subunit alpha, ...
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Disease relevance of LAMA3


High impact information on LAMA3


Chemical compound and disease context of LAMA3


Biological context of LAMA3


Anatomical context of LAMA3


Associations of LAMA3 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of LAMA3


Regulatory relationships of LAMA3

  • In this paper, we show evidence that this repression of the lama3 gene is relieved by exogenous and UV-induced USF-1 through its interaction with a non-canonical E-box site [20].

Other interactions of LAMA3


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LAMA3

  • This strategy, based on PCR amplification of genomic sequences, followed by heteroduplex scanning and automated nucleotide sequencing, was used for successful mutation screening in a family with the lethal (Herlitz) type of JEB, and two novel LAMA3 mutations were identified in the proband [26].
  • In contrast, with immunoprecipitation of either culture medium or cell lysate from normal keratinocytes, the patient's serum clearly reacted with the protein epiligrin, a laminin isoform present in the lamina lucida of the human epidermal basement membrane zone [27].
  • BM 600/nicein, epiligrin and kalinin were not detected after treatment with trypsin [28].
  • Densitometry was performed on the nuclear area of all photographs including the LOCS III standards, using a photometrically corrected photocell [29].
  • Significant cataract progression was defined as either cataract extraction in the surgical eye or a greater than a 0.9 LOCS III unit difference in lens opacity between the surgical and nonsurgical eye [30].


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