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Gene Review

Pex12  -  peroxisomal biogenesis factor 12

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: PAF-3, Paf3, Peroxin-12, Peroxisome assembly factor 3, Peroxisome assembly protein 12
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High impact information on Pex12

  • Although its sequence similarity to yeast Pex12 proteins was limited, PEX12 shared the same subcellular distribution as yeast Pex12p and localized to the peroxisome membrane [1].
  • We identified a putative human orthologue of ScPEX12 by screening the database of expressed sequence tags for cDNAs capable of encoding a protein similar to yeast Pex12p [1].
  • Pex12p was shown by expression of bona fide as well as epitope-tagged Pex12p to expose both N- and C-terminal regions to the cytosol [2].
  • After solubilization of rat liver peroxisomes with the mild detergent digitonin, comigration of Pex5p, Pex14p, and a fraction of Pex12p was observed upon native electrophoresis and sucrose gradient sedimentation [3].


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