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Gene Review

vapG  -  VapG

Rhodococcus equi

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High impact information on vapG

  • Whereas the transcript size of vapA was compatible with a monocistronic mRNA, the transcript of vapG was considerably longer [1].
  • Analysis of these leader sequences revealed the presence of a small open reading frame named podG, which encodes a sequence of 55 amino acids preceded by a putative ribosome binding site sequence in the vapG transcript [1].
  • Taking this result into account, the untranslated leader of the podG/vapG operon is 87 nt [1].

Associations of vapG with chemical compounds

  • A proteomic approach showed that four polypeptides present in the wild-type strain (85F) are missing in the plasmid-cured strain 85F(P-), and by using a DNA macroarray, we identified two plasmid-encoded vap genes, vapA and vapG, whose expression was highly induced by H(2)O(2) treatment [1].


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