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Gene Review

denA  -  site-specific endonuclease II (EndoII)...

Enterobacteria phage T4

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Disease relevance of denA

  • The 136 codon (408 bp) denA gene encoding endonuclease II (Endoll) of bacteriophage T4 was unambiguously identified through sequencing and subsequent cloning [1].
  • An E. coli B Tab strain, EM121, was isolated that restricts T4 denA (DNA endonuclease II) mutants at 37 degrees C and above, but is permissive for wild-type T4 at all temperatures examined [2].

High impact information on denA

  • However, neither plasmid or chromosomal degradation can be detected in denA mutant infections by the method of DNA--DNA hybridization on nitrocellulose filters [3].
  • DNA fragments from a BglII digestion of cytosine-containing DNA from a T4 dCTPase- denA denB(rIIH23B) alc mutant were hybridized with full-length chromosomal strands of bacteriophage T2, and the heteroduplexes were examined by electron microscopy [4].
  • Bacteriophage T4 DNA containing cytosine has been obtained from cells infected with phage mutant in genes 42, 56, denA and denB [5].


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