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Gene Review

merT  -  mercuric transport protein

Shigella flexneri 2b

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High impact information on merT

  • These data suggested that early after induction only 20% of the transcripts initiating at merT proceed beyond merC [1].
  • The results indicated that, with increasing gene copy number, there was an approximately 5-fold increase in the merA gene product compared with a 2.5-fold increase in the merT gene product [2].
  • Each mercury resistance clone synthesized polypeptides equivalent in size to the merA, merT, and merP gene products [3].

Biological context of merT

  • RNA hybridizations indicated that mRNA of the cytoplasmic mercuric reductase (merA gene product) increased 11-fold with the 47-fold gene amplification, while mRNA of the transport protein (merT gene product) increased only 5.4-fold [2].


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