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Gene Review

merC  -  mercuric transport protein

Shigella flexneri 2b

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High impact information on merC

  • These data suggested that early after induction only 20% of the transcripts initiating at merT proceed beyond merC [1].
  • Polypeptides specified by the mercuric resistance (mer) operon of plasmid R100 [2].
  • The sequences following merC and preceding the next structural gene merA are unrelated between R100 and Tn501 and differ in length, with 72 bp in Tn501 and 509 bp in R100 [3].
  • The nucleotide sequence for the 2240 bp of plasmid R100 following the merC gene of the mercuric resistance operon has been determined and compared with the homologous sequence of transposon Tn501 [3].
  • Evidence was obtained for two new mer genes, which have been called merC and merD [4].

Biological context of merC


Associations of merC with chemical compounds


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