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Restriction pattern and polypeptide homology among plasmid-borne mercury resistance determinants.

The structural and functional properties of mercury resistance determinants cloned from a series of independently isolated conjugative plasmids were compared with those of the prototype HgR determinants from Tn501 and plasmid R100 (containing Tn21). Restriction endonuclease mapping classified the HgR determinants into at least three different but related structural groups which are distantly related to those from Tn501 and R100. These relationships were confirmed by the functional analysis of sub-clones and gamma delta insertion mutations and from the polypeptides specified by the cloned HgR determinants. Each mercury resistance clone synthesized polypeptides equivalent in size to the merA, merT, and merP gene products. However, those for merA and merT showed considerable size variation. No polypeptide equivalent to merD or merC of R100 was detected.[1]


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