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Gene Review

Crry-ps  -  complement receptor related protein,...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Crrx, Mcp-ps, mCRX
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High impact information on Crry-ps

  • The coding sequences of the Crry gene encompass over 25 kb of DNA, whereas the Crry-ps sequences are included within a single 5.6-kb Eco-R1 fragment [1].
  • DNA sequence analysis of the Crry-ps gene indicates that this sequence most likely represents a pseudogene resulting from a processed mRNA transcript from the Crry gene [1].
  • This conclusion is based on the lack of intervening sequences in the Crry-ps gene and the observation that the Crry-ps gene sequence contains both an 11-bp deletion within the "coding" region and a degenerate poly A tail at the 3' end of the homologous sequence [1].

Biological context of Crry-ps

  • These genes, termed murine CRY (mCRY) and murine CRX (mCRX) reside on murine chromosomes 1 and 8, respectively [2].


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